Situated among five hectares of world-class movie studios in Bottrop-Kirchhellen, Movie Park Germany offers visitors a day behind the scenes.  Spectacular stunt, musical and animation shows, breathtaking attractions and high-speed roller coasters and water rides are staged among five movie-themed areas, including a family area for the young – and young at heart.
Movie Park Germany was initially created by Warner Brothers (WB) in 1996, and at the end of 1999, WB Movie World engaged Six Flags to manage the park as a licencee.  When StarParks bought the European Division of Six Flags in 2004, the licensing and management contract ended.  Accordingly, the name of the park was changed to Movie Park Germany, and StarParks replaced WB licenses with a strategic combination of intellectual properties from MGM (e.g., Pink Panther, Rocky, and Stargate), 20th Century Fox (e.g. Ice Age) and Nickelodeon (e.g., Spongebob).

StarParks’ current management has greatly streamlined operations at MoviePark Germany through a reduction in operating hours, agency fees, central overhead, and fulltime headcount.  The park was shifted to more seasonal hours and labor, and efficiencies were realized in marketing, media, and the re-utilization of various materials. 

Movie Park Germany continues to show high potential with its unique movie theme, large potential catchment area, and successful IP licenses.  During the 2006 season Movie Park Germany celebrated its tenth year of operation.