About our company

Like many adventures, StarParks was initially born out of opportunity.  Consolidation within the European attraction industry had been increasing since the late nineties, and in 2004, financial reality forced one major US-based player to divest its European operations.  The seven German, Dutch and Belgian parks in its European portfolio were established venues with strong local market recognition, historically-loyal family visitor bases, and recent major capital investment.  The US organization’s then-Vice President for Europe, Bill Muirhead, convinced private equity firm, Palamon Capital Partners, to purchase the parks and create a new organization, StarParks, to manage them.
Together with the local staff at each park, our Executive Management Team created a plan based on the five StarParks Principles.  The execution of these plans resulted in financially-sound, professionally-run parks which continue to benefit their communities, visitors, and staff.  In 2006 six of the seven original StarParks were sold for 2.4 times their investment.

On a commercial level, StarParks is known today for its exceptional operations, finance and marketing management. By actively seeking out established attractions in viable locations with unrealized potential, strong market recognition and more than 500,000 visitors, StarParks is forecasted to become one of the top five operators of family-oriented theme parks in Europe.

On a consumer level, StarParks is building a market brand that visitors increasingly associate with quality, professionalism, and fun.  We combine cutting-edge attraction and media technology with popular, global entertainment properties to create compelling environments, shows, events, and rides.  The richness of our venues and guest-orientation of our employees create joy, drama, and memories for multiple generations of guests and broaden the appeal of the parks into new demographic markets.

StarParks Principles:

  1. Develop Premium Brands
  2. Leverage Core Attraction Strengths
  3. Increase per Cap Visitor Spend
  4. Streamline Operations
  5. Nurture a Strong Local Team